Hi, my name is Antonio Sánchez Chinchón and I live in Madrid, Spain.

I like cooking because I love eating. I like playing banjo because I love music. I like doing silly things because I love my children’s laughter. I like doing this blog because I love mathematics. All these things make my life worth of living.

All your comments are more than welcome. You can find me in aschinchon (at) gmail (dot) com where I will answer all your emails, be sure.

Thanks to all of you who spend your time reading my entertainments.

20 thoughts on “myself

  1. Hi, I was fascinated by the harmonographs – I remember seeing similar things done on paper on kids tv in the seventies. I took your code and extended it into 3d so I could experiment with the rgl package. I created some beautiful figures (which I would attatch if this would let me.
    In lieu of that here is the code:


    xt <- function(t) exp(-d1*t)*sin(t*f1+p1)+exp(-d2*t)*sin(t*f2+p2)
    yt <- function(t) exp(-d3*t)*sin(t*f3+p3)+exp(-d4*t)*sin(t*f4+p4)
    zt <- function(t) exp(-d5*t)*sin(t*f5+p5)+exp(-d6*t)*sin(t*f6+p6)
    t <- seq(1, 100, by=.001)

    f1 <- jitter(sample(c(2,3),1))
    f2 <- jitter(sample(c(2,3),1))
    f3 <- jitter(sample(c(2,3),1))
    f4 <- jitter(sample(c(2,3),1))
    f5 <- jitter(sample(c(2,3),1))
    f6 <- jitter(sample(c(2,3),1))
    d1 <- runif(1,0,1e-02)
    d2 <- runif(1,0,1e-02)
    d3 <- runif(1,0,1e-02)
    d4 <- runif(1,0,1e-02)
    d5 <- runif(1,0,1e-02)
    d6 <- runif(1,0,1e-02)
    p1 <- runif(1,0,pi)
    p2 <- runif(1,0,pi)
    p3 <- runif(1,0,pi)
    p4 <- runif(1,0,pi)
    p5 <- runif(1,0,pi)
    p6 <- runif(1,0,pi)

    x <- xt(t)
    y <- yt(t)
    z <- zt(t)
    cr <- abs(z)/max(abs(z))
    cg <- abs(x)/max(abs(x))
    cb <- abs(y)/max(abs(y))

    zscale <- 1

    # clear scene:

    # setup env:

    # draw shperes in an rgl window
    spheres3d(x, y, z, radius=0.025, color=rgb(cr,cg,cb))

  2. Loved the Harmonographs….plan to use it in a “Math as Art” lesson for public school students here in the states….if that is OK with you?

    One tiny change I made is to add a randomly selected color.




    xt = function(t) exp(-d1*t)*sin(t*f1+p1)+exp(-d2*t)*sin(t*f2+p2)

    yt = function(t) exp(-d3*t)*sin(t*f3+p3)+exp(-d4*t)*sin(t*f4+p4)

    t=seq(1, 100, by=.001)

    dat=data.frame(t=t, x=xt(t), y=yt(t))

    cv = sample(1:657,1)

    with(dat, plot(x,y, type=”l”,col=cv, xlim =c(-2,2), ylim =c(-2,2), xlab = “”, ylab = “”, xaxt=’n’, yaxt=’n’))

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